Receive high-quality medical care while remaining safe and comfortable at your home, office, or almost any other location.

Telemedicine Appointments Available

High-Quality Care At Your Convenience

Telehealth enables you to communicate with our medical professionals to receive medical advice and services using a phone, tablet, or computer. This service enables you to see and speak with a doctor, nurse practitioner or nurse just as you would during an in-person consultation using user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant video and communications technology. By connecting online with our team, you can choose telemedicine and receive high-quality medical care while remaining safe and comfortable at your home, office, or almost any other location.

Telehealth provides:

  • Quick access to a healthcare professional for evaluation, counsel, education, intervention, and monitoring, including:
  • Video Consult with a physician or NP or nurse

Telemedicine is open to everyone. Telemedicine is the ideal answer whether you're ill, need to take care of your kids, have car trouble, don't have time to get to the doctor's office, or just like convenience.


What medical services are offered via telemedicine?

Most services are offered via online video appointments. Certain procedures, like diagnostic imaging and blood work, are by their very nature in-person visits.

Telemedicine can be used for initial patient consultations, follow-up visits, or when you need to get in touch with your doctor because new symptoms or issues have arisen.

Your medication is also managed by our doctors via telemedicine. You may easily arrange a telemedicine appointment if you have any questions about side effects or require an appointment before getting a prescription filled.

Telemedicine requires Internet access and a video-capable device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, in order to use telemedicine.


How secure is telemedicine?

All correspondence between you and our staff is secure and private, as are any forms you fill out or upload online. Your internet connection employs HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software, which complies with a federal legislation that safeguards your privacy called HIPAA.


Does telemedicine have insurance coverage?

Many insurance companies cover the cost of telemedicine. The breadth of the coverage, however, will vary according on your specific plan, so you should ask your provider what services are covered. Telemedicine services are also covered by Medicaid and Medicare.

If you’d like to learn more about telemedicine and how to schedule an appointment, give us a call or fill out our contact form.


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