Physicals And Occupational Health

We offer fast and affordable physicals for school, sports, pre-employment, employment, DOT, drug testing and more.

Same Day Physicals & Drug Screening

Fast and reasonably priced physicals are available for school, sports, pre-employment, employment, and other purposes. We offer drug and alcohol testing that satisfies the demands of the majority of employers in addition to physicals. We make having a physical easier and more convenient than ever with our short wait times, reasonable costs, and courteous, professional healthcare staff. We offer walk-in physicals, drug tests, or other occupational health requirements.


Employee Physicals

Employee physicals, also known as physicals for work, are intended to keep workers healthy and safe while they are at work. To increase workplace safety, many jobs mandate that companies make sure their staff members pass required exams. Governmental organizations regulate some of them, such as commercial truck driving, to safeguard both the public and the driver.


Physicians Fit For Duty

Fitness-for-duty examinations are crucial to the safety of the workplace and return to work since they are designed to ensure that employees can do their tasks in a safe manner.


Pre-Employment Physicals

To ensure that job applicants can safely perform the positions they apply for, pre-employment physicals are administered. Before hiring, they assess a candidate's physical and medical suitability for the position. We offer pre-employment physical exams that are ADA compliant to prevent workplace mishaps, surveillance exams to track health risks, and regulatory exams to keep your employees in line with regulatory bodies.


Visit One Of Our 3 Locations

With 3 locations in Metro-Detroit we are here for you.  Visit us at our Dearborn Urgent Care, Redford Urgent Care or at our Berkley Urgent Care.  If you are not available to visit us in person, we offer safe and secure telemedicine appointments 7 days a week.


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Not Able To Make It To Urgent Care?

Receive the top-quality care you trust right in the safety of your home. Most visits are conducted over video, and all you need to get started is a video-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone. All virtual visits are HIPAA-compliant, giving you and your family get peace of mind.